Thursday, March 15, 2007

Letters from participants

I just received a very nice letter from one of the participants in Saturday's build. It's always nice to know that people appreciate the project. Here is Dan's letter:

Cheryl a huge thank you, and especially a thank you to Mark and the other folks from the CMU robotics group. In nearly 5 years of being matched with Jaymes, this was without a doubt one of the best activities that we've done. Jaymes enjoyed it so much, and he was so proud of what he created, he couldn't wait to tell people about it and show it off to his mother. We are looking forward to getting together this weekend to do more work on the robot.

I think that expanding the program is an extremely worthwhile endeavor. Please let me know if I can help plan/be a part of any fundraising events related to this project.


This letter just came in as well from Jason:

Hello Mark,

On behalf of my Little Branden, we want to thank you (and your grad student colleagues) for creating such a great opportunity for Branden to experience robotics. He was absolutely thrilled that within a few hours he was able to build a robot that responded to his verbal commands. It really gave him a sense of empowerment, and he is eager to move forward and make more complex robots. I'll be sure to keep you informed of our progress. It was a fantastic birthday experience for him. All the best,


This came in a few days ago:

Hi Cheryl and Mark, Sorry it took so long for me to give you an update.Jeremy and I got together on 3/11 to start the firststage of the robot. I forgot the first rule, butluckily my wife was there to run out to the store toget batteries. Jeremy put it together in record time.We spent the rest of the time programming it. We'renext going to build the arms. He's been having a toughtime at school, so I've been emailing his teachers. Itold them about the robot project, and although he'susually pretty quiet and doesn't want to talk with theteachers, it got him to open up when they asked himquestions about it. Yet another bonus from thisprogram. The pictures are attached, and I'll send avideo. Thanks for putting this together. Good luckwith the fundraising. Please let me know if there'sanother building session that will be held at theheadquarters.Max

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