Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Letter from a Little and his Mom

I just received two very nice letters - one from a "little" and one from his mom:

Dear Mark,

"Hello!" I am Brandon ***'s mother, Terri ***.

I just wanted to personally "thank you" very much for the robot for Brandon. He absolutely loved the experience of building it with his Big Brother, Kevin. He had enjoyed building this and making it work more than even any experience he had done in Boy Scouts. He used to build a derby race car and a boat for races in Boy Scouts and has built other things in the past, but this was by far the most enjoyable for him! He was very proud of himself, as was I and he had a great time playing with it! I think it was truly wonderful of you and so generous to provide these for the kids! The Big Brothers program is truly the best program, and Brandon really enjoys his company with his big brother Kevin! Kevin is a very important person in Brandon's life and I hope that they continue their friendship. He will never be forgotten by Brandon. I am very grateful for everything that everyone involved with the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program has done and wish there were more volunteers who realized what a difference they could make in a childs life!

Brandon and I thank you again for the "AWESOME" robot!


:) Ms. Terri ***

This letter was written by Brandon:
Dear, Mark

Thank you for geting the robots for us. The robots are really fun. I tought it to go backward, forward, and to make a 360. I can even pick up stuff. For example, I tought to pick up a little ball. Your, friend Brandon

Now you have to admit, the NXT is way cooler than the pinewood derby car:

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