Friday, January 18, 2008

A nice thank you letter..

We just received a very nice letter from one of the participants in the Google build day:
To the employees of Google Pittsburgh,
My name is Anthony ***** and I am a volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters in Washington County. Last month my "little brother" (Daquawn) and I attended the robot build that was sponsored and hosted by your company. Daquawn and I greatly enjoyed our experience. I would like to thank all of you for your company's generous financial contribution to our community and the time and energy investment that was made by your volunteers to make this event possible.
Daquawn demonstrates a strong mechancial aptitude, and I believe he has the potential to one day become an engineer. Events like yours give him an opportunity to exercise and develop his design skills and take a glimpse into the world of professional engineering, which he would otherwise never see. With more activities like the robot build and continued encouragement from adults like his grandmother and me, Daquawn will hopefully find an interest in higher learning and one day pursue the career of his dreams!
Many thanks to Google Pittsburgh and all of your awesome volunteers,
Anthony *****

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